68 dodge dart mopar turbo burnout

MY 68 dart, single turbo 318, pump gas, 6 lbs Boost... Pretty loud with an open downpipe. www.wardracingenterprises.com www.wreturbo.com

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68 Dodge Dart Turbo 318 Burnout Mopar
318, PT67, stock converter, stock heads, RV cam... Peddled to the win, dialed 12.01, car was in 11.70 trim that day...

68 Dodge Dart Turbo 318 Dyno Pull Mopar
Stock 318 heads, Exhaust manifolds, .467 Crane Cam, 904 auto, 13 lbs on Pump Gas, PT 67 397 RWHP 398 RWTQ, at horsepower Ranch in Hobart Wa.

Lil 318 dodge volare turbo blow thru holley carb
This is another short hit of my blow thru (through) no Intercooler 10 to 12 psi stock motor with valve springs turbo volare. This thing is a lot of fun and though internals arent forged I have a lot o

Dodge dart twin turbo
dodge dart twin turbo, just a simple gas pedal push.......