The 2005 Mustang at Milan before the ProCharger

Me at the track in the 2005 Mustang GT, Bolt-on's + ZEX 75 hp Nitrous Kit at Milan

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05 Mustang GT 12.3 @ 106
bolt ons + spray Mustang gt from Puerto Rico

Supercharged 2005 Mustang GT
Mustang GT with Procharger D1SC

Nitrous Backfire 06 GT Mustang at the track. Javier's last run...Nitrous backfire cause some internal damage. Time for a new and improved race engine..

05 mustang gt Zex 100 shot nitrous 416hp and 560ft/lbs
2005 Mustang gt JLT cold air intake, 3.73 Gears, UPR off road X pipe, FRPP stingers, SCT tune, ZEx wet kit,