The 2005 Mustang at Milan before the ProCharger

Me at the track in the 2005 Mustang GT, Bolt-on's + ZEX 75 hp Nitrous Kit at Milan

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05 Mustang GT 12.3 @ 106
bolt ons + spray Mustang gt from Puerto Rico

04 mustang vs 05 mustang w/nos
drag race at gld with competition orange Mustang

2005 E85 Mustang F1A Procharger start and idle
First start and idle on the F1A procharger. Stock heads and cams with 302 stroker shortblock. N/A on break-in made 316rwhp and 353rwtq. Dyno numbers coming soon. Motor built and Procharger installed at Dayton Performance Motorsports. This car runs exclusively on E85.

2005 Mustang Hellion vs. 02 Procharged GT
Single turbo vs. Procharger 10 psi on a 4.6 vs. 5 psi on a built 5.0 Could easily put a smaller pulley and a bigger procharger on the car and dust me 2nd of 3 runs 20 mph to ??? I started in 2nd for fear of lack of traction thus he gets the 3+ car jump This was the best of 3