Can-Am Cars: Denny Hulme's 1971 McLaren M8F

Can-Am Cars: Denny Hulme's 1971 McLaren M8F. In the pits and on the track.

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The sound of a Can-Am engine
This is a Mclaren M8C starting the engine at Monza

Inside an 8.8-litre V8 McLaren Can-Am Monster
Andy Newall showed Goodwood around the incredible McLaren M8 Can-Am car at the world famous Silverstone Classic. Boasting an 8.8-litre V8 engine and nearly 900hp, this car is an absolute monster!

1969 Alan Mann Holman Moody Ford Can Am Car
Alan Mann - Holman Moody Restoration Project The current owner-racer wanted to race the original car in national vintage race series but would have required updating the car significantly. This required stripping it of original parts, including the original "Blue Streak" Goodyear tires mounted on magnesium rims originally found on the car after it was pulled from racing by Holman Moody and Ford Motor Company. It was decided for historical preservation reasons that Rhine Built restore the original just as it was built by Alan Mann and his race team. Rhine Built was then asked to build an exact replica utilizing the original molds and tooling as well as recruiting help from Alan Mann racing. Rhine Built also sought guidance from Holman Moody race team member and noted car builder Kenny Thompson. Thus, preserving the original car just as it raced in 1969. The car seen on the track in this video is the race version replica. It can be seen racing nationally in the 50 Year Celebration of CanAm across the United States. The original car will be on display at the North Carolina Auto Racing Hall of Fame in Mooresville NC. A special thanks to Don Miller (President-Founder-Penske Racing South-Retired) For his expert guidance in helping to put the team together that brought these cars to life. We also would like to say "Thank You" to all other parties involved that helped to get these cars restored and built. Your dedication with this project truly helped to preserve a significant piece of motor sports history. -Bill Rhine/Rhine Built #KeepHistoryAlive

Autofiles Drivers - Episode 1 | Denny Hulme | Bruce Mclaren |
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