mazda protege's race

me and a friend both have protege's. his is a 2000 mines a '99. this was just out of fun and i kno how ppl can be on this website, so if u wanna be like "oh that was gay", then thats ur ignorance for not realizing that we were not serious about these cars being fast and seeing me tell u that. we kno they come with like 105 hp, so yea, stfu! no mods have been added to the cars.

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pioneer premier 12's
pioneer premier 12's i had. 2000w mono block amp. the speakers did hit much harder, i just didn't want to turn it up any higher. sorry for all the wind, i shot the video while off from school after a hurricane

'97 MAZDA 323 - 1900cc
ABOUT THE CONSTRUCTION OF MY MAZDA 323 THEMES 1. Asking Alexandria - Someone, Somewhere 2. The Buzzhorn - Ordinary 3. Foo Fighters - Learn to Fly 4. Mudvayne - Happy

How to Change Front Brake Pads in 10 Minutes! Mazda Protege Example
10 minutes or less! Another brake changing video. Mazda Protege on this one!

Jacob's Chalkboard MP5T - Turbocharged Protege5
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