SRT-4 Third Gear Pop Out

This is why third gear in the srt4 often has pop out issues. The syncro ring does not fully engage the gear. This is caused by many issues such as bushings, shift forks, worn gears and/or syncros etc. Sorry for the beeps at the front, my food was ready.

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2004 neon SRT 3/4 T-850 syncro play
this is a blown 3/4 transmission, check out for the full write up

SRT T850 tranny internal removal
removal how to with voice over instructions 2004 2005 SRT 4

Nick's SRT-4 trans rebuild
In this video I show some common problems with the Neon SRT-4 input shafts, some synchro wear, and a few bad parts. I disassemble and reassemble the input shaft, showing you the process and a few of the tools needed. I am not a professional and I owe a lot of this knowledge to Jtm0ney, aka Josh from Wikyd Performance. Hi Josh!

Learn About Transmission Synchro Rings
#1 BOOK Building and Modifying Manual Transmissions Book: #2 BOOK Building and Modifying MUNCIE 4 Speeds Book: For more, SUBSCRIBE and like Paul Cangialosi from discusses the function of synchro rings typically used in Muncie, T10, T5, and T56 transmissions. READ the comments. Some good discussion below!