EVO 8 600whp vs Camero SS

EVO 8 FP Black vs Camero SS

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WannaGoFast 2016 600whp Evo 9 153.5mph
Went to WannaGoFast a couple weekends back. 2016.

Skyler Drives 600wHP RiceBox Mitsubishi Lancer EVO
Tuned, 600wHP Mitsubishi Lancer Evo All Rights by : mobAJAX06's channel ( Youtube.com/user/mobAJAX06 ) ROYALTYFREEMUSIC ( Royalty Free Music )

Special J Fp Black
Special J and his built Evo 9

600whp FP Black E85 Evo Street Pulls
This video is uploaded specifically for whiteawd to showcase my superior driving abilities. This video has absolutely nothing to do with me doing two 3rd gear pulls for tuning purposes (in which ZERO shifting was even done) and then attempting a launch in a car I've had about 2 hours total seat time in. I'm no expert but at least I'm not scared enough to post my own videos!