EVO 8 600whp vs Camero SS

EVO 8 FP Black vs Camero SS

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600 hp EVO X vs. 650+ hp 5.3L Nitrous Mustang- Beater Bomb
BUILD THREAD ON EVO INCLUDING Dyno SHEET. http://www.evoxforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=53856 Nicks EVO takes on the Beater Bomb with some roll racing in southern Mexico.

TX2K13 1300whp GT-R Toying with a 600whp Evo
The GT-R was bored and felt like toying with a big turbo Evo.

Camaro SS vs awd Evo vs RX7
Camaro SS vs awd Evo vs RX7

Evo X FP Red VS Evo 9 600whp
My buddies Evo X FP red full bolt ons and e85 making 465whp 350ftb VS my friends 600whp Evo 9 think he's on a 6466 turbo.