Audi S4 Turbo-dyno 523 hp

audi s4 turbo Dyno KTR Performence

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Audi S4 518WHP-AWD Twin Turbo GT25r Unitronic Tuned
Here we have J-P's Audi s4 re-tuned on Unitronic's Dyno! Check it out, there is no rollercoaster that can even comes close!

623WHP Wicked GT AUDI S4
GT Audi S4 Perliminary Dyno tune. 623WHP/780CHP. 800whp coming soon...stay tuned.

audi s4 turbo versus civic turbo
course audi s4 de VAG motorsports contre une honda civic turbo de RD turbo production

Stg3 S4 Dyno at WF13
HeveyS4 puts down 420WHP with stg3, race gas, and dumps. something was wrong and he was losing 3psi Boost too.... always impressive. took home 2nd place in his class for the show.