Chevy S-10 Blazer vs stock GMC Jimmy drag race

My modded Blazer 4x4 vs a stock 4x4 Jimmy

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At first glace this second gen Xtreme Chevy Blazer looks as if it should be in the car show and not on the drag strip. From the lowered stance with the factory ground effects to the street tires and mag wheels this is Xtreme S10 Blazer is definitely deceiving. Apparently the stock V6 engine is gone as the Blazer takes out two modern day muscle cars! First up the Blazer trees the Edelbrock Supercharged 392 HEMI SRT8 Yellow Jacket Challenger and gets the win with an impressive 12.31@108.79mph as the Yellow Jacket runs a faster 12.27@113.36mph but loses on reaction time. To add insult to injury the Blazer then embarrasses the 5.0 Mustang GT and again cuts the better light and gets the win with a 12.26@105.54mph as the Mustang runs 13.08@111.83mph. RT66 Friday Night Test n Tune 8-28-15

Chevy Blazer vs. Ford Courier PRP 10/30/10
Pretty sure their both not running stock drivetrains lol Sorry about the wind noise, it was a typical Southwestern PA fall day. DISCLAIMER: I don't own either vehicle, nor do I have any affiliation with Pittsburgh Raceway Park.

Jimmy vs Cherokee Pull Off
'96 GMC Jimmy 2wd vs a '90 Jeep Cherokee 4X4. Kind of a spur of the moment thing, there was nothing better to do at the time. It's kind of unfair to the Jimmy, because the Cherokee's pulling the Jimmy up. All in good fun though. Cherokee was in 2wd and 4wd at various times. Dirt doesn't make for very good pull offs either. Bought the Jimmy for $300 and the Cherokee for $650. Jimmy was turn key after the thermostat, Cherokee needed a new head gasket and cooling system overhaul (swapped closed system for open). The Jimmy ended up slowly falling apart, so we sold it for about $2300, a fair price for what it was. Still have the Cherokee. Both were bone stock at the time. I'm driving the Jimmy, my brother Eric is driving his Cherokee, and his friend Aaron is filming.

Drag racing.... Blue Blazer
Blazer At Darlington Dragway in South Carolina And Was built in the back yard ... Pretty fast too