VW Golf R GTi Concept Car

VW Golf R GTi Concept Car just perfect packs 360Hp

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Audi S3 vs Golf R - With James & Harry
James and Harry compare the Golf R and the Audi S3, the sister car to the Golf R, and they like them. The S3 is different to the R in many ways so it will be interesting to hear what they say in this comparison video and we are told they will not sit on the fence, they will reach a conclusion! The S3 is sophisticated, quiet and comfortable whilst being pretty darned fast when you want it to be. I might add, quiet and comfortable is one of the areas where it excels. However the Golf does quiet and comfortable well too! Golf R is known as one of the best sports all-rounder available on the market today especially when price is taken into account. An astonishing car capable of 4.9seconds to 62mph and a top speed limited to 155mph. However it has to be said the S3 has similar performance figures. These figures were the preserve of high performance cars above £50,000 only a few years ago, even today these cars, at around£32,000 with the dual clutch gearboxes, undercut their major competitors, the RS3 and A45 AMG, by over £10,000. The new Focus RS is around the same money as the R and S3 but does without the option of a twin clutch auto gearbox, so can hardly be classified as an all-rounder. Thanks for watching and subscribe now to see more videos of the Golf R and Audi S3: Also visit us at: Website: http://www.ss8000cars.org Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ss8000cars/

VW Golf GTI W12-650
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Golf 7 GTI Performance (Car Video)
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VW Golf 5 GTI Hybrid turbo K03-K04 Snail Performance
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