hyundai azera vs nissan maxima 0-220

2007 hyundai azera 3.3 smoked 2007 nissan maxima this race take place in middle east where they still receiving the old 3.0 maxima up to now as a new model up to 2008 and the new generation 3.5 not show up there till now

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nissan مكسيما vs ازيرا 2012 hyunday
هونداي ازيرا v.s نيسان ماكسيما 2007 التعليق لكم :) + قيمو المقطع (ماشالله على السيارتين )

ازيـــرا 3,8 vs اوريـــــــــون سبورت

Hyundai Azera vs Toyota Corolla 2.0 andando a 200 km/h (parte 2) [DKSampa - Brazil]
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