99 Cougar Exhaust/Remote-start/Neonlights

Hey guys just feelin like makin a video. Comment on it Thanks... jfranc123

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1999 V6 Cougar Sound
Reving my 1999 V6 Cougar mods: -ST200 UIM -SVT TB -AEM Short Ram Intake -2"5 Straight Pipe (Gutted Pre-Cat) -Cosmo Short Shift

My 99 Cougar Exhaust
My custom Exhaust that turn heads when I ride by. And this is my final set-up for it.

ford cougar 2 2.5l v6

Dynomax Exhaust '99 Cougar
'99 Mercury Cougar with Dynomax Exhaust and resonator, I took out the main cat. I also have a short ram Intake. It has 2.5" piping to a 3" tip.