04 Hemi ram quad cab with bully dog gt tuner

I did a quick performance run on my ram 1500 with the bully dog triple dog tuner on its performance tune. My truck has a k&n intake, and mbrp Exhaust, that's it. Im also running 35" mud grapplers on american racing 20" wheels.... their pretty heavy. If you can't read the time at the end it was a 15.3 time at 87 mph.

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Diablo Sport Predator before and after
Please do your own research. Diablosport has a website to answers all your questions. Do you really want some random advice about a $300 product going on your $20,000+ car/truck? Aside from any power increase I got from the programmer, it is worth it just for increase in transmission performance. Certain years can adjust all the RPM shift points as well. No RPM staging. Foot from brake pedal to gas... Sound sucks, I guess I had a squeak up though the tripod. Sorry. Before and after Diablo Sport Predator Tune 93 Octane Performance Tune Shot with Kodak Zi6 05 Dodge Ram 4x4 QCSB Cheap CAI Flowmaster

Ram supercharged
Magnuson Supercharger on an 07 ram pushing 8psi on 3.4 pulley. 421RWHP 415RWTQ Tuner is Diablo Sport Tuner DSP Build Data all compenents below are off 09 Rams except e fan egr delete 09+ Magnuson S/C Manifold Adapter Timing Case Cover Alt Bracket Alternator Water Pump idle Pulley Belt Tensioner Radiator hose, inlet A/C compressor Crank Pulley Flexlite E-fan EGR Vavle Delete

The Clunker Show - Computers/ Tuners [S4 Ep.4-2}
One of the most controversial things to come along recently was the "Cash for Clunkers" program, but do you really know the whole story? Well after this show of GEARZ you will! But Stacey doesn't just reveal the problems with the Cash for Clunker program, he also demonstrates real solutions available in the aftermarket to address the fuel mileage problem with simple upgrades that ANYBODY can do. If you are tired of feeling like a victim and are ready to do something about your vehicles performance and fuel economy... this is the show to see!

How to Install the Bully Dog Performance Chip
Buy Bully Dog: http://www.realtruck.com/bully-dog-triple-dog-gt-performance-chip/ Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/user/RealTruckCom The Bully Dog Triple Dog GT performance chip will bring the beast out in your vehicle. The Bully Dog will add horsepower, torque, improved gas mileage, and improved towing. All of these features come with different level to unleash the beast or keep it tame. It has a full gauge display to monitors your vehicles internals. Check out our Promotions and Deals: http://www.realtruck.com/lets-talk-trucks/ Subscribe to our Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/RealTruckCom Follow us on Facebook: http://www.realtruck.com/facebook/?ut... Follow us on Twitter: http://www.realtruck.com/twitter/?utm... Follow us on Google+: http://www.realtruck.com/gplus/?utm_c... FREE SHIPPING Give us a call at 866-262-3738 Video Transcription: John: Hi, guys. John here, with Realtruck.com. Today, we're going to show you how to install the Bully Dog Triple Dog BT Performance Chip onto our Dodge Ram project truck. One of the great things about this performance chip is that it gives you a lot of different tuning abilities, to specifically tune different aspects of your vehicle for performance. Adds up to 30 horsepower, 30-foot pounds of torque. Plus, it has a lot of convenient safety things for you. You can monitor different aspects of what's going on with your truck. Let's you know if something is going to be a problem before it becomes a problem. Takes about 20 minutes to install it on the truck. Let's get started. All right, guys. The first step in programming our new Bully Dog performance chip is to go ahead and go to www.Bullydog.com. When that page loads up, you'll see something that looks like this. Go ahead and go to the download. Go to 'update agent' and click on that. Then you'll have this screen. Right here where it says 'how to install the update agent', just go to click here and click on that. That will begin the download. Depending on your system, it may vary a little bit different from this one. But on this one, it just works this way. Go ahead and open that. Click 'run'. Then once you see this screen, you can click 'install'. That begins the process of installing our update app. Once you have this screen, then you're going to want to locate your micro SD card, which is this teeny tiny little guy right here. What you're going to look at is . . . You can see on the back of it. It has these little . . . It looks like a bar graph. You're going to take your card reader, and you're going to make sure that you install it with that bar graph-looking thing down, and just slide it into there. Once this is installed, you'll go ahead and plug this part into your USB port on your computer. It varies, depending on your computer, where it's at. Mine happens to be right here. So plug that in. This is your product registration. Once this comes up, you can fill out all this information and submit this. Right now for our purposes, I'm going to cancel this because I'm going to let the owner of the truck do his own registration.