First Gen. Porsche 928 Spotted on the Road Driving! - 90 Sub Special!

My dad has a 928 S

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MotorTrend: Andrew Rogers Porsche 928s
This is my audition for Motor Trend! I very briefly weigh the specs of Porsche's new Panamera with their classic 928.

Porsche 928 vs Ducati 1198
Persecucion a una Ducati 1198 en un Porsche 928, hasta 220 km/h, carretera Ures-Hermosillo.

Blacksheep driving the Porsche 928
This is my 1979 porsche 928. I think it's purt dang neato. I was running around a buck thirty when I hauled booty away. I think she looks nice to be so old. So thanks for looking and I hope you like it.

Porsche panemera S / BMW760Li
Alex745alejandroAli Can