First Gen. Porsche 928 Spotted on the Road Driving! - 90 Sub Special!

My dad has a 928 S

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porsche 928 new look
almost ready my old porsche 928 1978 trying to give a new look. need new hood scoop flare fender etc. mybe looks nice or not? we need to wait until the end. despues de mucho trabajo presento mi 928 falta mucho por hacer pero la idea principal es este nuevo look. no espero que les guste (ni a mi me gusta) solo veanlo como un projecto muy diferente al original

Porsche 928 DRIVE Palooz 2011
PORSCHE 928 DRIVE Palooz 2011

1991 Porsche 928 S-4

1991 Porsche 928 GT (Rare European Model) - Video1
The most underrated Porsche ever made. With 326hp, it leaves its detractors (including 911 fans) in its dust. Its not for the weak of character and you've got to know how to handle this much power, but if you're able, there is no substitute. - Porsche's first production V8. In its time, the fastest production vehicle in the world. - Only 1,620 made (1989-91). - Midnight blue with white D90 aluminum rims. - Rare 5-speed manual transmission (RWD) - 32-valve 5.0L V8 - 330 PS (326 hp, 243 kW) - Air conditioning, Cruise control, Power steering, Power windows & door locks, Rare two-tone cloth/leather power seats - Production number #1347. 141,000KM