First Gen. Porsche 928 Spotted on the Road Driving! - 90 Sub Special!

My dad has a 928 S

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The VanD Porsche 928 Collection
This collection emphasizes the early model and features unusual color combinations and other features.

A Sunday Drive in the v12s Porsche 928
Come along for a little drive in the v12s Porsche 928 on an Autumn day. We have new twin electric cooling fan upgrades and LED sets for Porsche 928 at This sounds awesome when you have a good set of headphones on or bass speakers. @6.21 you will see the geese on the right near the mail box.

Porsche 928 S "Hulk" Drive in Łódź Edward Norton co-driver
Nie jestem pewny, ale to chyba Edward Norton siedzi sobie z boku i jedzie Porsche 928S po Łodzi.

Porsche 928 GT MMP
A few passes from MMP open track/ Outer track