How to / building a turbo for a 1/24 scale model car

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How to make a 1/24 turbocharger
I've been getting a lot of request on Instagram & Facebook, so I decided to make video. So enjoy✌ Also go follow me on Instagram at: @124_Ortizmodels Go add me or go give me a like on Facebook at: @124_Ortizmodels @Edwardo Ortiz Song: Blackmill - Journey's End Don't forget to Like, Comment, & Subscribe

Model cars, scratch build turbo
Scratch build turbo

Cardboard Turbo! - How to make it #1
This easy construction is designed basically as a real turbo, to give higher pressure than a regular fan. On part 1 I am showing you how to make the compressor wheel and the beginning of the casing. Search on Google image: "turbo compressor wheel" and you will see many designs. Watch part 2 for the rest and to see the turbo in action. Don't forget to subscribe for more videos: My website will be updated in the coming weeks: If you want to learn more about turbos or car technologies, visit those great videos: EngineeringExplained: 98352&feature=iv&v=zenMEj0cAC4 Techtrixinfo:

Update on the supra
just a littie update on the supra's engine