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opc germanos megali piesi 1.48 bar

gamw tis lakouves kai gamw tous ellinikous dromous


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leon adiaforos 3071 vs opel opc thanos21 520whp
leon adiaforos 3071 vs opel thanos21 520whp

Astra OPC Kosmidis

Corsa wird abgestellt :-)

Opel Astra H OPC by Halaris Motorsport
Built by Halaris Motorsport, ECU tune by Re-Action Engineering and all the interior lightning made exclusively by Delectronics.gr. This Astra H OPC thanks to each K04 Hybrid turbo managed to output 370HP at the crankshaft! And all of that with stock block... For any questions about the interior lightning please feel free to contact us at http://delectronics.gr/ Don't Forget To LIKE ǀ SHARE ǀ SUBSCRIBE Thanks For Watching!!!

Opel Kadett / Astra OPC gegen VW Golf GTi ( DMAX-Tv )

Astra 2.0 8v Turbo
Vídeo meia-boca, mas da pra ter uma idéia de como está o carro. Turbina KKK16. Carro com 0,7kg de pressão, rendendo aproximadamente 213cv, com 30,4kg de torque. Não tive "espaço" o suficiente para puxar a 5ª marcha, futuramente posto vídeos melhores.

VOULALAS big turbo projects
astra opc garrett astra 1.6t vf 34 corsa opc vf 34

Instrukcja Wymiany Termostatu krok po kroku - opel astra g VAUXHALL x16xel
Film ten przedstawia krok po kroku jak przygotować się i wymienić termostat w oplu astrze g x16xel, dzięki temu filmowi każdy poradzi sobie bez problemu, ponieważ nie ukrywam żadnych faktów z wymiany. Zachęcam do obejrzenia całego filmu i udostępniania dalej, Po zapoznaniu się z filmem, każdy zrozumie, jak działa obieg mały i duży płynu chłodniczego. Zachęcam do subskrypcji i przejrzenia innych filmów dotyczących opla astry g w playliscie OPEL ASTRA G POLSKA oraz dołaczenia do grupy OPEL ASTRA G POLSKA na facebooku.

Corsa OPC VF34 turbo by Voulalas Performance shot2

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Astra Opc stage 4 EDS
76 mm Exhaust 445 hp

Petropoulos Tuning Corsa Monster Drag preview

Opel Astra 2013 CDTI BiTurbo - acceleration 0-224 km/h, top speed test and more
More at http://www.Autoforum.cz/prvni-dojmy/vyzkouseli-jsme-opel-astra-cdti-biturbo-novy-diesel-je-uzasne-pruzny-video/ Aside from the terrible sound, the new 2,0 liter twin-turbo diesel in Astra proved to be a very good engine. It has amazing range of usable revs from 1 000 to 4 800 rpm, quick throttle response, linear character and it is quite powerful. With adequate gears, it makes even the heavy Astra ST (1 626 kgs DIN) a fast car, mainly above 100 km/h. Be sure to see the last acceleration on 6th gear from 60 to 200 km/h, it shows the best what is this engine about...

Petropoulos Tuning Corsa Monster (the end of an Era)
The laast video of Corsa Monster as a Street legal car.

Opel Corsa OPC Monster Tuned By Petropoulos Tuning
This is an Opel Corsa Fully tuned by Petropoulos Tuning Happy to answer any question at: email: dpetropoulos@ath.forthnet.gr tel: 210 98 48 456

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