German look beetle 2007cc turbo

Franklin fires up the turbo after building it and the trans, It should make about 170 at the crank with the turb. I just got a t3 header which is powdercoated and will upgrade the turbo to a t3 t4 hybrid and will bring the power up to 250 - 300!

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Home made Turbo on stock vw beetle 1600 AD check
Old "wornout? "beetle engine with new Garret T25 turbo. The goal is 100BHP without open the engine case, stock cam, lifters and heads. And it must be driveable and durable. WBX dizzy, weber 40DCOE, full flow with external oilcooler with fan, HP1 oilfilter and stock oilpump.

primeracers VW Käfer 1200 TURBO
Mad Max-artiges Design: Der 1200-er turbo von primeracer. Mit 1600i-Ansauggeweih und Einspritzdüsen sowie einer zusätzlichen 1600i-Einspritzdüse vor dem turbo. Das Pfeifen entsteht, wenn die Drosselklappe unter dem turbo fast geschlossen ist.

My 1968 vw bug VS audi S3 @ york raceway
My 1968 bug vs an S3, Flat4 aircooled motor, 2007cc, EFI + turbo. Rolled off the line (1st run so i did not want to brake it lol) and only running 7PSI

Turbo'd Super Beetle
A classic Super Beetle that was rebuilt with a turbo'd engine. Not sure on the engine specs. All that I know, it's pretty bad ass!