Ferrari 458 Italia: Startup & Hard Acceleration

This video of a brand new Ferrari 458 Italia includes a mean start-up and some hard acceleration on a feeder road. Autovoce's Facebook! Autovoce's Blog!

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Ferrari 458 Italia HARD Acceleration
Here is a nice Ferrari 458 Italia that I have seen today in Luxembourg, in fact the owner went take his brand new Ferrari at the dealership in Luxembourg before back in Paris. He made in very nice acceleration for my video :D

Red Ferrari 458 Italia with Black Roof and Black Custom Wheels: Walk Around
I spotted this Ferrari 458 Italia in Walnut Creek. In my opinion the black roof is now a necessity on the 458. I'm also a huge fan of the black custom wheels. To those who don't like the Moorespeed 458: Is this better? See detailed 458 photos on AUTOVOCE's blog: AUTOVOCE's Facebook!

Ferrari F40 Acceleration Tunnel + Rev (HD)
Ferrari F40 Acceleration Tunnel + Rev

2 Ferrari 458 Italia's With Startups & Accelerations
Like my Facebook page:!/ManusFilms Website: To end the short videos from the Danville d'Elegance we have not 1 but 2 brand new Ferrari 458's. Footage is of the cars and a F430 cruising by a couple of times and directly across the street from the 458's is a Porsche Cayman. And finally got both of the mighty Ferrari's speeding away with a very nice Italian v8 sound. Enjoy! Filmed 9/19/10