SOLD!! 1970 Buick Tribute GSX Convertible Show Car For Sale! Jeff Whitaker 301-816-1000

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My Classic Car- The Buick GS Stage 1
A profile of the 1970 Buick GS Stage 1 from the show My Classic Car.

Buick Boys GSCA (Buick GSX) Show-n-Shine
Car Show in Marble Falls, Texas November 2007. The crowd could not get over the 4 cars. Dad,Nancy,Tim and Scott. SOOOO cool to get the family and our cars in the same show!!

1971 Buick GS Convertible
Buick GS convertible equipped with 455 stage 1 engine and 4 speed transmission. This car was restored and is very close to stock including the #7040246 MD quadrajet and cast iron Exhaust manifolds. Engine modifications include forged pistons, stainless steel valves, Crower cam with Rhoads lifters, TA oil pump and Pertronix ignition in the stock #1112016 distributor housing. This how Buick went "Fast With Class" back in the day.

SOLD!! 1969 Camaro SS/RS A/C Show Car For Sale Jeff Whitaker 301-816-1000 horsepower!