Electric 2CV Electric car conversion

The engine is a Lemco and it is at 72V 13kw. Sky enrgy batteries are at 120ah, range I think is 70 - 80 km but this I not been tested yet Top speed was when I had my first test on the road 80 kmt. But it is before I have adjusted everything to the maximum. You think the top speed is 90kmt when everything is adjusted. Here is a link to Ev album my http://www.evalbum.com/2703

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An EV (Electric Vehicle) based on the 2CV.

Electric 2CV conversion by Heijnsdijk Electric Cars
A simple video showing a conversion to 100% ev by Heijnsdijk Electric Cars

2CVolt Test Run Electric 2CV
123ignition のアルバートロニック社にて電動2CVに試乗 デジェール博士のドライブで出発。 ところがイタリア 車メカニックのYさんは初めての2CVだったらしい。 2 CV独特のソフトな乗り心地と無音のドライブはいきなり 未体験ゾーンであったろう。 偶然ぶつかりそうな勢いで登場したノーマル2CVの音と べると不思議な感覚になる。 http://dacdac.jimdo.com/2012/09/06/123electric/

EV Electro Swift, Electric car Conversion