Killer Paint True Fire 1 Preview

Killer Paint True Fire 1 Preview.

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Los secretos para pintar fuego real en tu auto (parte 2) (Aerografia)

Tutorial Tuesday Airbrushing Episode 1 True Fire
Ever wonder how airbrushing realistic fire looks so easy? Find out in the first episode in our new series called Tutorial Tuesdays. We use a simplified approach to teaching common airbrushing techniques. Check out our website for more about the information mentioned in the video and some of our kick ass products Enter "youtube" at checkout for 25% off our new line of Halloween themed guitar knobs until 10/17. Special thanks to Larissa Vienna and the Strange for the music. Go check them out. Like Subscribe and Share

Real Fire - Step by Step
This video will take you through the step by step, layer upon layer showing you how we create our real fire effect. We use this effect on everything from Harley's to Cars, models, background effects amongst many other applications. We hope that you enjoy the tutorial, and that you enjoy practicing the techniques that you learnt watching the video and use them to create some crazy fire paint jobs of your own.

Hell's TA - Mike Lavalle & Killer Paint @ Restore a Muscle Car
This is a video of the latest creation from Mike Lavellee of on a clients 1980 SE TA. This is a one of a kind creation from Mike. The car has not been clearcoated in these pictures yet, but you can find additional pics on the website or our facebook pages as well. Contact us if interested in getting any custom artwork on your classic car! Also, check back for a final completed video to show you how sharp this car will look when done. This is a complete