PRELUDE tribute (5th gen)

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Honda Prelude! Gen 5 JDM Done Right!
Shooting Cars stories episode 87 This pristine 90's era Prelude is a phenomenal representation of what we didn't get. This car has more JDM parts than a Japanese classics website and is cleaner than a nun's search history! Check out this awesome JDM gem! You can follow us now on Facebook! And check out our new website! follow us on Instagram at Follow our filming on snapchat! @ shootingcars!

New Honda Prelude
Another Tribute, Since my last one i made got 120,000 views, i figured id give you guys a fresh tribute with all new photos courtesy of

5th Gen Honda Prelude Tribute part 1

BAP "Exit" Video
Video footage of various BAP meets. Mostly footage from an SF meet.