Audi S4 100 C4 600 KM vs Chevrolet Nova 850 KM

A movie with two awesome rides. Audi 100 S4 C4 600 +- hp 2.2 single turbo R5 Chevrolet Nova 850 +- big block hp Drag automatic + nitro (over 1k horse power on this setup) still loses a battle. European road. Audi hits the dirt on the second gear but the driver doesnt give up, control the car. Audi owner probably is the Jonas.

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BeamNG.Drive Mod : Audi 100 C4 quattro 1992 Beta (Crash test)
XEXEOM Mods Review Download Link : Music : Jay Rodger - Moments Of Silk (Aeuria & Soular Order Remix) Download This Game : BeamNG car мод crash test physics game BeamNG car mod and physics crash test BeamNG автомобиля мод краш-тест физика игры

Разгон Audi 100 c4 2.3E AAR 0-210 груженый на 17 тапках!
Ехал даже против ветра, тяговитее стала в сравнении с предыдущим(родным) блоком зажигания!

Audi S4 biturbo quattro AWD - Best of oversteer, drifts, and hoonage driving sideways...
A mash up of some of my favorite sideways driving in my VAST tuned Stage III B5 Audi S4. Unfortunately some of my best work isn't on camera, so this will have to do! Audio track is "Guidebook of the Halos.mp3" from Dan-O. (licensed for free use under creative commons)

audi 100 C4 quattro of road
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