Insane Ford Falcon XR6

I thought I was gunna die

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Manual Ford Falcon XR6 0-200 km/h (naturally aspirated)
The car has a full Exhaust, intake, stage 3 CMS (Crescent Motorsport (In Sydney)) cam, & Dyno tuned by CMS Not sure why it shudders in gear 1 so much when trying to launch, its got a bit of a clunking problem despite the rebuilt lsd diff and new driveshafts.. perhaps the tyres are simply too wide. UPDATE: i know why it shudders - it's called axle tramp (which is normal and quite common in rwd cars), and i've already got rid of half of it + the clunking is pretty much gone.. Apparently, stiffer gearbox/engine/diff mounts is what you need to completely stop the tramping.

700bhp monster Ford XR6 turbo
This video does no justice to the fact I got smashed into the seat every time he hit the gas. G's to make you swallow your teeth...

leaving the holiday house
the hoppers crew bustin outta dromana

NSW Police Ford Falcon FG XR6 Turbo - Dyno Run
NSW Police Ford Falcon FG XR6 turbo - Dyno Run 205.7kw @ V&E Rigoli Dyno Day 7/4/2013