2008 Summernationals Incidents

Some incidents from the 2008 Summernationals, Western Sydney International Dragway.

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WSID Incidents 19th May 2007
Here are the 2 major crashes and great saves from the Toyo Tyres Compak Attak at WSID on May 19th 2007

WSID 2007 International Top Fuel Incidents
Incidents from the 2007 International Top Fuel meet at WSID.

Joanne Mitcherson's Incident/Crash At WSID
Joanne Mitcherson's Incident at Western Sydney International Dragway, 13th April 2008. Incident happened from a bolt coming loose on the injection which then jammed the throttle open. Posted with permission from the car owners

Ford Windsor CNC Alloy Cylinder Head Comparison Part 1
Extreme Magazine and Street Fords Magazine answer the question of value for money when it comes to out-of-the-box alloy cylinder heads versus CNC ported heads of the same original casting.