Nyce1sCrash - Santiago Racing Toyota Starlet Crash @ Island Dragway!

Checkout this recent Crash video of Santiago Racing's Toyota Starlet. The driver was okay. Checkout for more videos...

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Delirium Motorsports Santiago Racing Vs La Agitadora Promocional
Santiago Racing Starlet Tuned By Boris Rojas Delirium Motorsports La Agitadora Mazda GLC

Nyce1s - The Return of Santiago Racing Toyota Starlet... Pan American Nationals 2011!!!
Congrats to Santiago Racing on the rebuild of their Toyota Starlet!! They had a serious crash with the car. It has since been repaired and was back out for the first time at the Pan American Nationals for 2011! Congrats to the team on a new personal best!! Checkout Nyce1s @ !! Check us out for more videos @ !!

Santiago Racing 7.33@173 Mph OnBoard
Santiago Racing 7.33 @ 173 Mph Pass At OSW Letting Off At The 1,000 Ft Mark

Santiago Racing New Record Mix
SantiagoRacing Tuned By Boris Rojas Of Delirium Motorsports (321)286-6641 And Using Goopy Performance Apex Seals Running Low 8 Second Passes At E-town NJ At The Fallnationals NEW PERSONAL RECORD OF 8.07