Mitsubishi Lancer Register (MLR) @ Japfest 2011

Coverage of the Lancer Register (MLR) at Japfest 2011, held at Castle Combe Circuit. Featuring show cars, track action as well as the insane Red Brick Racing Evo. For more information visit: Phone: (UK) 08451 25 26 23 Facebook: Mitsubishi LancerRegister Twitter: @LancerRegister Music... 'Skipping CDs' 'Dirty Girl' & 'Darkness In Her Eyes' Shot & edited by

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Mitsubishi Lancer Register (MLR) at Ten Of The Best - 31/07/11
Highlights from Ten Of The Best, held at Elvington Aerodrome, York, on the 31st July. Kenny Brookes took home the fastest time on the handling course under the 4WD category. For more information visit... Facebook: Mitsubishi LancerRegister Twitter: @LancerRegister Music: Groove Armada My Friend nCamargo Remix Footage & Edit by


Evo 6 RS @ Pace Ward MLR Sprint Series, Round 2: Castle Combe - 30/04/11
Here's a video round up of me in my Evo 6 at round 2 of the MLR Sprint Series that was held at Castle Combe. My best time was 1:15.06. Thanks to FQ Performance - Music... High Contrast Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Confidential 2009 Hospital Records Ltd. Footage & Edit by

2014 Pace Ward Mitsubishi Lancer Register (MLR) Sprint Series: Round 3, Blyton Park
Highlights from the third round of the 2014 Pace Ward MLR Sprint Series, held on the 31st May at Blyton Park. The video also features highlights of the third round of the 2014 Whiteline Sprint Series. In association with... Pace Ward Insurance, Super Pro, AP-Tuning, Ross Sport and HKS. Chevron Motorsport, Jolly Green Monster and Lateral Performance. For more information and to join the forum visit... Follow the Mitsubishi Lancer Register... Music... Sean Orrell ft.Kerry McGinley Our Love Will Never Die Robbadoc & Bols Remix A Production... Cameras: Jonny Jones & Adam Swords Aerial Footage: Adam Swords Edit: Jonny Jones For more information visit...