VW Volksie Bus

Remember these ad's from the 80s and 90s?

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Volkswagen TUNED Bus like a Dream Come True ✪ VW Bus
Well this VW is a little different...

Massive Barn Find in Portugal
I've identified over 190 of the 320 cars found locked away in here, can anyone recognise any others? I will add them to the video along with corrections if confirmed 100%. What is that 2nd Formula race car?

David Krammer SA VW Volksiebus Advert
South African musician/comedian is the star of this VW advert - a South African institution!

Old South African Adverts
South African adverts from the 1980s. They bring back so many memories. They were also good adverts, you even remember the strap lines today. Things like "Morkels, your two year guarantee store." and "It's in the centre, Mr. Venter."