BPU Supra vs APU Supra

My own TTC Eurospec Supra with BPU ++ mods, vs my friends j-spec APU (T67) bl auto Supra.

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3" straight pipe BPU+ Supra TT
If you ever wondered what a BPU Supra sounded like without cats or an Exhaust...

Supra TT auto dyno
'97 Supra in true twin mode with a GReddy intake, Tanabe DP and Apex GT Spec Exhaust on an 80+ degree day at Speed Force Racing in Santee, CA. The numbers were 345 RWHP and 360 RWTQ.

First Sequentiell then in TTC Mode. Blitz Nür Catback 3".

Supra with BPU mods 1st to 4th gear
Me accelerating 1st-4th gear in my 1994 Supra twin turbo. Car is BPU (basic performance upgrades) It is around 400 rwhp on 18 psi of Boost. this video was filmed on 15 psi. I was testing my new GoPro Hero wide camera. Pretty neat little toy. I have other vids that I took with the camera mounted on my boat and jet skis. Keep checking for more vids with this camera. BTW turn up the volume. I had the wrong volume setting on the camera when I recorded this.