Pontiac Engine Dyno 482 cu in

786 HP @ 6900 RPM. Torque 675 ft pounds @ 5100 RPM.

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535 Pontiac turbo dyno 12 psi

482 Pontiac pump gas engine by Tin Indian Performance ideling on the dyno
Luke Goodwin's 482 cid Pontiac engine with KRE 325 cfm D ports and custom TIP Hyd Roller Cam, KRE Northwind intake topped off with a Pro Systems custom 4150 carb. Engine makes 628 horse and 645 ft lbs of torque on PUMP GAS!

541 Tiger Headed Pontiac on Dyno
541 IA II Tiger headed Pontiac on Dyno

455 Pontiac engine With Edelbrock Performer heads on Dyno
455 Pontiac engine being run on engine Dyno with Edelbrock performer heads