50trim SRT4 vs T60 Prelude

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9 Second Prelude vs 9 Second Supra
Supra - 9.47 Prelude - 9.33

prelude vs srt-4
400whp srt vs 400whp honda prelude. srt has 50 trim and supporting mods. prelude has 50trim turbonetics turbo setup. both on 20 psi on first daytime race. first nigh the srt is on 20 psi second race srt on 22 psi and last race the srt is on 24 psi.

SRT-4 Dodge Commercial
Original Dodge Neon SRT-4 commercial vs WRX STI Released 2003

700HP Prelude WRECKS the Texas Streets!
BoostED NIGHTS - Texas Streets DVD Pre-Order - http://www.1320video.com/shop/Boosted-nights-texas-streets-pre-order/ We’ve seen this Prelude before, and it’s definitely a force to be reckon with! The H22 with a Precision 6266 strapped onto it is no joke - putting down a WHOPPING 700hp to the wheels! Notice the big tire on the front of this Honda…it’s obvious this is a serious setup. Taking on 700+ hp LSx cars, and a 2JZ S2000, this little four cylinder does WORK! Check out this feature as we ride along in this awesome high horsepower machine!