stsv vs c5 short race

2 gear run stsv vs c5 i could not shift do to holding the video and stsv had a run but it is fast the vette runs 11.7 all day so the v was not to slow.

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Cadillac STS-V runs 12.64

LS2 CTS-V vs SuperCharged Sts-V
I took my bros car to work to swap a wheel and balance his tires, long story short the sts-v said he would walk my brothers cts-v... my brother gave me permission to race his car...#Drivermod.. enjoy, subscribe, like, comment for more videos coming soon

stsv driving by the corvette no racing
the stsv driving leaving the car show good sound playing with my vette.

Legacy GT with STi motor vs STS-V
EJ25 LGT vs bone stock STS-V