S2000 vs Mustang GT vs WRX

AP1 S2000 - Intake/Exhaust 2003 GT- Intake/ Exhaust WRX - ???

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Nitrous Civic SI vs Mustang GT vs S2000

2005 Honda S2000 (busted master cylinder) vs. Ford Mustang 4.6
Top up, windows cracked. Full Exhaust, stock intake, stock motor, stock ECU. Clutch was slipping after fully disengaged... Turns out the master cylinder in my clutch had a blown seal and was almost empty. $364.00 pain in my ass -_-

Honda S2000 Street Drifting - HARUN TAŞTAN
Honda S2000 Street Drift - HARUN TAŞTAN

Stupid Fast Turbo S2000 vs Mustang 5.0 N/A
S2K around 14 psi. Some weight loss. Radials. 6266 precision turbo. Around 500 whp Mustang is CAI and Exhaust only. Street tires. All motor. 45 Roll Mustang takes the jump