T3 Doka Umbau Audi 5 Zyl. turbo TopChop Teil 4

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T3 Doka Umbau Audi 5 Zyl. turbo TopChop Teil 5
VW T3 Doka Tuning Topchop Audi 5 Zylinder turbo Umbau Bus LLE www.t3-turbo.de.tl

Volkswagen Transporter T3 V8
A Volkswagen Transporter T3 with an Audi V8 engine

VW Caravelle V8 Twin-turbo, 1.105 HP/1.311 Nm
My long time friend and previous work colleague, Stein Arne Lindvall (aka "Pjokken"), is a world class car tuner. He has many high performance cars and "street-dragsters" on his CV. Media coverage of his previous works have been extensive. Stein Arne has been a well renowed car tuner for decades, and it is well deserved. Very few car tuners would choose a VW Caravelle as a project, but Stein Arne did. He saw the potensials. I didn't.. and no one else did, I belive..? Stein Arne had a 5.0 liter (302 cui) Chevrolet "laying around" in his workshop, and realized that this engine would suit this car perfectly...:-) Many thousand hours later, in June 2013, Stein Arne presented his car for the German car approval (TÜV) With the turbo-pressure set to 0.5 kg/cm2 (1.8 kg/cm is max..), and the rev-limiter to 4.700, the car passed the TÜV-appoval with flying colors (and thereby also the Norwegian "Biltilsynet-approval"). TÜV measured the output to 507 Hp, with a 245 km/t (152 mph) top speed. As you can see from this video, this is not a project where you just "throw in" a huge engine into an ordinary family car. It takes a huge amount of expertise and knowledge to do a job like this. The attention to details are stunning and jaw-dropping. I'm convinced that Chip Foose and his peers would approve this build, without hesitation! Apart from the 4 inch(!) (102 mm) Exhaust pipes (all the way, from the tail pipes to the engine block) , and that wonderful, deep rumble, there are nothing that "gives away" the real performance of this monster street car. This is truly a wolf in cheap clothing. Due to the flatbottom, venturishaped bottom plate (made of carbon fibre), this car have a huge downforce. It is now a mid-engine car. Stein Arne tells me that it is an absolute joy to "push the bumpers" on high performance supercars at the German autobahn in 200 km/t with this "family-van", just to see their jaw drop when he accelerate... and pass them... :-) I don't doubt it for second :-) After all, that is what we all dream of, isn't it...?

VW Bus T3 / Vanagon T25 *bodykit*
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