T3 Doka Umbau Audi 5 Zyl. turbo TopChop Teil 4

VW T3 Doka Tuning Topchop Audi 5 Zylinder turbo Umbau Bus LLE TopChop www.t3-turbo.de.tl

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T3 Doka Umbau Audi 5 Zyl. turbo TopChop Teil 5
VW T3 Doka Tuning Topchop Audi 5 Zylinder turbo Umbau Bus LLE www.t3-turbo.de.tl

VW Caravelle V8 Twin-turbo, 1.105 HP/1.311 Nm
My long time friend and previous work colleague, Stein Arne Lindvall (aka "Pjokken"), is a world class car tuner. He has many high performance cars and "street-dragsters" on his CV. Media coverage of his previous works have been extensive. Stein Arne has been a well renowed car tuner for decades, and it is well deserved. Very few car tuners would choose a VW Caravelle as a project, but Stein Arne did. He saw the potensials. I didn't.. and no one else did, I belive..? Stein Arne had a 5.0 liter (302 cui) Chevrolet "laying around" in his workshop, and realized that this engine would suit this car perfectly...:-) Many thousand hours later, in June 2013, Stein Arne presented his car for the German car approval (TÜV) With the turbo-pressure set to 0.5 kg/cm2 (1.8 kg/cm is max..), and the rev-limiter to 4.700, the car passed the TÜV-appoval with flying colors (and thereby also the Norwegian "Biltilsynet-approval"). TÜV measured the output to 507 Hp, with a 245 km/t (152 mph) top speed. As you can see from this video, this is not a project where you just "throw in" a huge engine into an ordinary family car. It takes a huge amount of expertise and knowledge to do a job like this. The attention to details are stunning and jaw-dropping. I'm convinced that Chip Foose and his peers would approve this build, without hesitation! Apart from the 4 inch(!) (102 mm) Exhaust pipes (all the way, from the tail pipes to the engine block) , and that wonderful, deep rumble, there are nothing that "gives away" the real performance of this monster street car. This is truly a wolf in cheap clothing. Due to the flatbottom, venturishaped bottom plate (made of carbon fibre), this car have a huge downforce. It is now a mid-engine car. Stein Arne tells me that it is an absolute joy to "push the bumpers" on high performance supercars at the German autobahn in 200 km/t with this "family-van", just to see their jaw drop when he accelerate... and pass them... :-) I don't doubt it for second :-) After all, that is what we all dream of, isn't it...?

VW T3 Restauration
Falls ihr genauere Informationen über unsere Restauration haben wollt, könnt ihr diese auf unserer Internetseite nachlesen www.surfbullionline.de. Hier erfahrt ihr auch alle folgenden Schritte. So folgt noch die Innenausstattung, Fahrwerk, Beleuchtung, Musikanlage, 2 Schichten Klarlack und vieles mehr. Der ganze Umbau ist supported by Moin Moin GbR (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jco9rWA3m-Y), die mit Rat und Tat, Werkzeugen und vor allem Bier zur Seite standen. Auf die nächsten Monate....

Vestkyst Moslers - VW Syncro T3
Music by Sprome, check out their myspace: http://www.myspace.com/sprome