My Monte Carlo Knockin pt2

my 2 15' solobaric L7 hittin with my memphis st1500 amp

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My Monte Carlo Knockin pt3
my 3 solobaric 15 L7 with a hole in one of them

My Monte Carlo Knockin
1987 Monte Carlo beatin with Rockford Punch 1000a2 pushing 2 15" solobaric L7

Kicker Solo Baric L7's Flexin car!
Song is : The Pack- Im Shinin These are (2) 15" 2006 Kicker Solo Baric L7's. As you can see they are flexing the entire car with ease. Im using a tiny sealed box. The are running off a Lanzar MXA 282 amp and a 1.2 farad capacitor, it says 2000 watts RMS and 4000watts max. But, today I found out the amp is really puttin out no more than 1000 watts (according the the people at Untimate Audio). The speakers are susposedly running at half there RMS and this is what they do imagine what they would be like at full power in a proper size box! May 28th 07"---- My 15's cracked my trunk where the spoiler connects to the car. Guess I shouldve bought dynamat. O well. I sold these two subs. Im downgrading to two 12 solo baric l5's and im dynamating my trunk. New videos will come in a few weeks. UPDATE 7-2-07 My new 2 12" Kicker Solo Baric L5's much louder than the 15's.¤t=1 00_3147.flv Will have another video on you tube soon, it was too bright outside so the video didnt come out well.

Monte Carlo SS 88 Bumping
My Monte Carlo bumping 2 15"s kickers CVX "Late Night Tip" By Three Six Mafia