BMW 330Ci

Me screwing around in my 2004 BMW 330Ci sport pkg 6spd.

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Stock BMW 330ci (3 Series) Vs. Modified Honda SI
02 Bmw... Drop in K&N FTW!! :P 07 Honda has cold air intake, intake manifold, header, testpipe, short shifter, bushings... now how about you Describe my driving?

bmw 330ci tunnel sound
straight pipes

330d 230HP vs 330ci 272HP
330ci (ET: 15,06) vs 330d touring (ET: 15,60). Wet surface. 330d setup: hybrid turbo 2256/2260, decat. 230HP/582Nm

GoPro test on a 2004 BMW 330ci M Sport
First Test of the Go Pro on the front bumper of my BMW 330 Ci M Sport