Leroy and his ZX-9

ZX-9 with a 235lb rider at Orlando Speed World

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Street modified at Bad Penny Sand Drag bike kawasaki ZX9
ZX9 sand drags

M9 Performance Kawasaki ZX9 filmed at Turnstudio.net
Advertise your car or bike with a Turnstudio.net video. http://www.turnstudio.net Videos take twenty minutes to make and we are in Hanger Lane, two minutes from the Ace Cafe. Bike built by Mike at M9 Performance in London, http://www.m9performance.com

Justin Covey ZX9R Dragbike
Justin on his first run. Moved up from a 250 to a 900. The track is 1000' located in Centerville, Arkansas

[spb] Vatos-Loco Kawasaki ZX 9 R orginal sound
Dont try this athome