stock SC300 vs WRX

SC300-stock vs bugeye WRX-beside bov mods unknown from a 40 roll to 115ish recorded from droid x2

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Civic vs SC300 vs Civic
Scared of the chick in the impala!!

sc300 1jz stock dyno
my sc300 bone stock. have not started it in a year. sent it to my buddys shop big3 racing had a 3in full Exhaust installed then Dynoed. everything is bone stock only mod is the Exhaust. made 260hp running very rich and a leaking coupler.

DSR Mustang vs Turbo 2JZ SC300
Mustang vs SC300

NA-T SC300 vs 408ci Firebird Firehawk
TH400 PT6265 E85 SC300 vs Built Iron Block 408ci Firebird Firehawk