stock SC300 vs WRX

SC300-stock vs bugeye WRX-beside bov mods unknown from a 40 roll to 115ish recorded from droid x2

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SC300 vs 350z
03 Z -6spd bolt-ons tune 1 passanger 95 SC-5spd intake slight weight reduction Sc gets 2 cars Dig to 100+

JDM: Not your regular Lexus (HD)
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Civic vs SC300 vs Civic
Scared of the chick in the impala!!

NA-T SC300 vs LS6 Camaro
SC300 has Ebay turbo kit and Camaro has LS6 heads, basic bolt ons and cammed. SC300 has over 317K miles w/ only TT headgasket and ARP headstuds done to the motor. Cobra beat the Camaro by 3/4 a car.