stock SC300 vs WRX

SC300-stock vs bugeye WRX-beside bov mods unknown from a 40 roll to 115ish recorded from droid x2

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SC300 vs Supercharged Camaro 20 Roll
SC300 @ 30psi (740whp) vs Supercharged Camaro (700+whp)

Picking up SC300 in Austin (Boost Logic/Elite Performance Built) 740whp
A video showing some of the trip to Austin to pick up my 740whp 1995 Lexus SC300. It has; Supra 6 speed swap 67mm Polished PTE 6766SP 1000cc injectors AEM EMS V1 Custom Grind Cams Supra TT headgasket ARP Headstuds Upgraded valve springs and retainers TRD Diff HKS DLI Boost Logic turbo Manifold Tuned by Justin Nenni of Boost Logic Among other things... Dyno pic

Stock sc300 drifting (dry)
Welded diff. Everything else stock

Lexus sc300 stock exhaust, only muffler removed
Stock 96 sc300, just coilovers and wheels and muffler delete. Just took off stock Exhaust nufflers because I had.been.wanting to see how it sounds but couldn't find many videos on YouTube made my own