1983 s-10 400hp 355 v-8 first drive. missing 2nd gear still smokes tires through 3rd

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355 Chevy Race Engine
This is a 355 SBC race engine being tested on my run-in stand. it is 11-1 compression, 250-260 @.050 w/.533 lift cam, DART SS Cast Iron heads and a Weiand Team-G intake. The carb is for testing, it will uses a 750 Holley for racing. The RPM range on this engine is 3500-7500 and makes about 500 HP according to Virtual Dyno program.

4x4 under $1000 Challange! Toyota Pickup
On a whim I wanted to buy a 4x4 truck. Found the (almost) perfect 4x4 beast, a 95 Toyota pickup. paid $850 for it.

92 chevy s10 355 1/8th mile
1st time at the track with the new motor and trans

355 chevy s-10 burnout off the 2-step
355 chevy s-10 burnout off of the 2-step