Port Match and Polishing Cylinder Heads

This is a continuation of the custom intake manifold video. This video is about port matching and polishing both the intake manifold and aluminum cylinder heads for a Ford 351W.

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Engine Porting Kit & How To DIY from Eastwood
Buy It Here: http://www.eastwood.com/engine-porting-kit.html The Eastwood Engine Porting Kit can help your engine generate more power. Watch the video. When serious engine builders "blueprint" an engine, they'll "port" or smooth-off rough head castings around the intake and Exhaust ports for improved, smoother air flow. The engine can then "breathe" easier, resulting in greater power and efficiency. Increase horse power and torque on any engine Industrial Aluminum Oxide sanding rolls, designed for both cast iron and aluminum cyl. heads Highest quality components on the market today Detailed inst. allow you to port both heads in an evening Developed to work with air or electric 1/4" collet die grinders Lowest cost "complete" professional level kit available Click the video below to see just how easy cylinder head porting is A must for any performance engine build

How to gasket match cylinder heads and intake manifolds the right way
Join me on Facebook! www.facebook.com/omgitsmrmack Don't forget to rate this video and subscribe to my channel! Just trying to give a little insight on the right and wrong ways to gasket match and how it can do more harm then good at times.

Ultimate Head Test Part One, Intake Manifold Vs. .200 raised runner ProComp, Patriot Head
To follow the written and well photographed evaluation of this test go to my website at www.headbytes.com and click the "Tech Blogs" tab and read the comments and the final comment for the winner (a combination of Power, structure, fitment and other perimeters of the test!!! This is the begining of the three way test between the ProComp 190, Patriot 225, and Brodix Trac One 215 cylinder Heads. First I had to determine the correct runner height as many have written in that some of the China heads had a problem of a typical intake manifold would not line up, and needed a special gasket or plate to make them match up. In this first part of the test I decided to put this problem to the test and decide which one had the problem, if any.