My Mom Getting Pulled Over By The 5-O

my mom getting pulled over by the policeman for speeding haha soo funny. xx

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Cop doesnt know the law
I was pulled over by officer Rodriguez and officer Sexton of the DeLand, Fl Police Department after i was filming the 2 cops in this video. they tried to tell me to stop. I kept filming and then got in my car and was immediately pulled over and given bogus tickets. the cop tells me i have the option of not signing. then gives me a ticket for not signing. he never did allow me to sign the other 3 so they are void. and the one i signed was under duress because i was threatened with imprisonment and there were 2 officers there with there hands on their guns. there isnt even a statute or ordinance number on the "refusal to sign ticket". please send this video to every one you know and favorite it. thank you

Too hot girl's in a bikini got pulled over by the cops

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Police Dash Cam - Cops Gone Wild
Sorry about the sound, For live audio click on The link below! Cops open fire on a minivan with kids as young a six over a speeding citation dispute. Paid Sponsorships for your channel: .