My Mom Getting Pulled Over By The 5-O

my mom getting pulled over by the policeman for speeding haha soo funny. xx

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Getting Pulled Over by a State Highway Patrol Officer (DRZ 400SM)
Not all cops are asses. Got pulled over for riding with my shield up. Yea I know, how stupid. The officer was pretty cool and and wasn't a dick. He only gave me warning, considering it wasn't that severe. I was trying to be as polite as possible, but I was so scared I was shaking, lol. And about a minute after he left he pulled someone else over. So yea. More awsome videos on my channel! Don't Forget to Rate, Comment and Subscribe!

State trooper pulling over vehicles
Georgia State Patrol trooper pulling over vehicles on Ga. Highway 316 for traveling in the left lane without passing.

I Love Myself Today/Biff Naked/Music Video By Me
i love myself today music video done by me. ps check out my music channel shakedatxoxas xx

NJSP Do not pass the trooper!
Dumb guy passes Jersey Trooper. *UPDATE* FWI: This occured on I-295 N in West Deptford/Westville area around mile post 24. The trooper was going 60mph. The posted speed limit at the time was 50mph due to it being a work zone even though the work was finished the signs were still posted. I saw the trooper way ahead and pulled in behind. I know exactly what he was up too. I drive this road every day for the last 15 years. They either poke along like this waiting for a speeder or they just go hammer down in the left lane like 95mph.