Drifting in the 1966 G.T.O.

1966 Pontiac G.T.O.

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Smoking the 1966 G.T.O. Tires
Remember kids, don't try this at home. I am a professional driver on a closed course. Shot in Late 2009. Like I said before, I build em to run em.

Uncovering The Mystery Hot Rod 1966 G.T.O.
GTO BABY!!!!!! These Goodrich tires are very quiet when they spin cold. Gotta warm them up to get good tire squeal.

Full Throttle Grocery Getter 1966 G.T.O.
Just goofin around IN THE 1966 GTO

Repairing Bath Tile in an Apartment
They want it ready to show asap and rented out by the first of next month.... Piece of cake I say.