ALIEN SUPER CAR (VS) MUSCLE CAR ( cartoon Action animated )

This is one of my early Car action animation videos and I have improved a lot since uploading this one. Be sure to check out my latest car animation videos “ POLICE CORVETTE HIGH-SPEED CHASE & POLICE CARS chase CLOWN CAR It's ALIEN SUPER CAR vs MUSCLE CAR! in this Action-Packed Animation featuring a Purple Muscle Car Illustrated by a Good Youtube Friend ( DAAN LEFERINK) who lives in the NETHERLANDS. I live in the USA. I asked him to send me his Muscle Car drawing so I can Animate it and put it in my Animation Video featuring an ALIEN SUPER CAR I created. Special thanks to Daan for all his hard work and dedication for making this video so COOL!!! with that Mean Lean Purple Driving machine he illustrated, and as usual, Special thanks to my son, June Ji$$le for hookin up the action music traxx and helping me with my computer technical issues. The CARS and ALIEN DRIVER for this animation were created using PHOTOSHOP and Animated in ANIME STUDIO DEBUT 6 and Final Production using POWER DIRECTOR 8 Video editing software. Peace! I also want to thank everyone that stopped by to view this video.. You could have been at any of the millions of other youtube video spots right now but you decide to stop by here instead to see mine and it's truly appreciated and not taken for granted. MR.CHRIS' CARTOON PRODUCTIONS

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Wild and crazy is the only way to describe my last car combat vid.of 2012. Space Aliens decided to tangle with us earth folks thinking we're pushovers!!! but they messed with the wrong species!!! This vid features motorcycle with machine guns, combat cars with canons as well as a whole lot of Chaos!!!, Special thanks to my good friends, COLLIN STREETE "aka" (Papa Jam ) who provided the music traxx and the photo of him on his bike for me to use for this animation. Good friend TERRY COBB who provided the cool CityScape artwork and combat car. Good youtube friend ADAM who provided the red combat car...My cartooning student PETER, who drew the scared kids and baby in this vid. and to PETER again, as well as my cartooning student, HILLARY, as well as her MOM and other students for doing the background vocals. And A big thanks to my son CHRIS, (JUNE JISSLE) for always creating and hooking up the Music Traxx!! Peace! Regards, Mr.Chris

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Inspired by cartoons like "Wangan Midnight" and "Initial D". A young male who is really into street racing races a much better car... And stuff happens.

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STREET RACERS VS SUPER COP CAR ( Cartoon Action Animation )
THIS IS IT!!! The Finished Street Racers Animation video. MUSCLE CAR ( VS ) TUNER CAR. Machines pushed to the Limit competing against each other and at the same time trying to Out-Run a Souped -Up POLICE CAR INTERCEPTOR with plenty of Horse Power and Speed designed for one purpose only...To Catch Illegal Street Racers & Speeders. As promised, the American Muscle Car Street Racer I designed is featured in this video. This animation was Real time consuming and a lot of work... and I wish I had better car sounds to create the EFX I was looking for but maybe next time. I have a cartoon drag racing animation in the works, but just finding the time to do it is tough sometimes. MR.CHRIS' CARTOON PRODUCTIONS