1983 500SEC at Summit Point

Coming out of pit back onto the track for the last runs of he day before it started pouring.

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Mercedes 500SEC AMG Wide Body
C 126 / 500 SEC AMG Wide Body

Mercedes SLK32 passes BMW M3 at Summit Point
Pepper's SLK32 AMG Passing a M3 at Summit Point oin the main circuit.

w126 500sec widebody race car
This was recorded last weekend 13 of march 2011 a small meeting held at pukekohe park Am having trouble with rear suspension and getting grip its slowing me down about 2.5 seconds a lap at puke 62.5 was the best i have done but have changed a few things for the better since then so am expecting a 61 soon I have fitted the standard anti dive suspension but its created problems Track time and trying things is the only way to fix it you can hear it coming from the hairpin its like axle tramp but its not feels like the rear end has no travel went 100psi lighter springs but didnt help

1985 Mercedes 500 SEC Euro straight pipes
This video is taken immediately after I had the stock resonators cut off. Hopefully when the glasspacks are broken in I'll have a better medium of capturing the audio, otherwise until then a galaxy note will have to suffice lol 2.5" straight piped from headers back to dual cherrybomb glasspacks dumped out of quad yanaka racing stainless steel tips