GT 500 Eleanor Show Car Test Drive -

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Eleanor GT500 Test Drive
Eleanor Test Drive with Lacee from Pacific Daily News at the Yigo Race Track

Ford Mustang Fastback 1967 Eleanor GT 500 Super Snake Speed Test 1. 150 mp/h !!German Highway !!

Very good afternoon to all of you, fans and followers of this blog Lleureioci Motor. I bring you a new story of another great collector model that also at the same time is very much appreciated by many people if it is the Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500 Eleanor 1967. This great classic that has left many DESTINATIONS as 60 seconds and others have been able to take up racing more great characters well known. Well, in this article, I wanted to make a compilation of this great model. I wanted to make a great video, in different sections, as you know, is what I do, because I could enjoy that feeling as a motor Eleanor Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500 1967 .... We want to enjoy .... . click on the link below .... all the speakers and put up ...... ladies and gentlemen, fans and followers, enjoy this great piece col.lecionista you soon. VISIT MY BLOG LLEUREIOCI MOTOR:

Another ride with "Eleanor"
Sunny day...let's have a ride For more information check out my website: