Cold Start 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT Spyder

I've had a lot of you all wanting me to do some more cold starts so I figured I'd make a bunch of short videos and put them up this weekend so you can see some of the stuff still at the dealership. Think of this as dealership cold starts just separately because I wanted each vehicle to have a few min instead of blaze through them real fast. This is the 2001 Mitsubishi eclipse GT spyder. I do a quick cold start after a snow/ice storm that left thousands of people without power in the NC piedmont triad (we lost power too lol, which was why I was at the dealership) I also show the engine and the Exhaust briefly Enjoy!

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Eclipse GT top speed
topping out my 2000 eclipse gt. sorry for the shakiness, the road was a little rough... i only got it to 140 mph... yea its slow, but its better than nothing right?

Test Drive: 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT 5 Speed
This is the first of many test drive videos to come, expect drives of all the vehicles currently on the lot that I have not done already! Here is the 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT with the 5 speed manual transmission. I take it for a drive for the first time to check it over before it goes on the lot after I finished detailing it. Fun little car, much faster than the automatic lol.

2001 Eclipse GT Nightmare (Full story in description)
I bought this Eclipse with the intent to do a quick tune up and replace the thermostat. When I pulled it into the garage and turned the car off, the timing belt jumped 4 teeth on the crank pulley. I had no clue this happened nor did I hear anything. I replaced the plugs, wires, valve cover gaskets and upper plenum gasket. When I tried starting it after everything was reassembled it would crank but not start.It sometimes would turn over fast like as if it wanted to start but then would slow way down. That day the starter went out so I got another and it turned over normally again. I thought I missed a sensor or the firing order was off and I checked it over at least a dozen times and everything was exactly how it should be. I then got to looking at the timing belt and saw it was in not very good of condition and began replacing it. After getting it all reassembled again with the timing set correctly it barley started to run and sounded terrible. I immediately shut it off and now it won't start and has zero compression. I put too much time and money into this engine and tearing it down, getting new valves, gaskets and the heads resurfaced would not be worth it. It has 200k miles on it and I found one about an hour away from my place that runs and only has 127k for $275. I'll be getting that motor soon and will try to keep posting update videos as I go. Check out my Facebook page for behind the scenes stuff:

Test Drive The 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT Spyder
Taking the eclipse for a little spin