Mercedes Commercial featuring Leah Lou and The Two Left Shoes

Consumer made Mercedes commercial with "Stop & Go" by Leah Lou & The Two Left Shoes.

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Mercedes Benz G-Class Commercial

best mercedes benz commercial ever
i have owned and driven many old mercs and this commercial brings back some good memories for me

Mercedes-Benz Comercial
Comercial da Mercedes-Benz, do grupo Daimler, Alemanha (Germany/Deutschand), carros de luxo Classe M, SLK, S, C...pra quem sonha em um dia ser bem sucedido, ter um já é um sinônimo!!! Pira no comercial!!!! ;)

The greatest Mercedes-Benz Commercial Ever - Decisions
A new Mercedes Benz commercial. Super promo with Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg. Also staring in this video : the new CLS 2011 and the E Class 2011. Enjoy!!! The best or nothing!!!