Fiat X1/9 1.6T drag, Radics1 racing, semi finals

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Fiat Bertone X1/9 Drag Race 11,736
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Skpower Drag Fiat X1/9 2013 record 9.51 @ 229 km/h Csolti Ádám,
Idén ezen az egy versenyen sikerült részt vennünk,több apró hibájával,így is sikerült javítani az eddigi rekordunkat ! :) Kiskunlacháza 2013.09.07.

Fiat X1/9 1.6 turbo VS audi a4 avant 700 Hp 1/4 mile drag race
2014.10.05 Hungaroring extreme technical weekend 2 please share the video and subscribe my channel

Fiat Punto white smoke out of exhaust, possible head gasket problem
This is an issue that I have with my 1995 Fiat Punto. It seems to be burning coolant or oil and producing whiteish smoke out of the Exhaust pipe. It gets worse as the car gets warmer. The car does not overheat. There seems to be no loss of power in the engine. Gas mileage is decent but its not what it used to be. What should I do next and what could the problem be? It was also 71 degrees out and had just driven it 10 miles and was up to operating temperature.