Chrysler Crossfire Flowmaster Super 44 exhaust

2004 Chrysler Crossfire Limited CAI- custom Flowmaster Super 44 catback Exhaust with 2.5" tubing

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Chrysler Crossfire | Flowmaster Super 44
Nice little Exhaust clip of how my car sounds when driving. If you haven't watched my other videos, this is a Flowmaster Super 44 Muffler with stock tips. The only other mod I have involving performance are Twin Cold Air Intakes. Hope you guys enjoyed the video. If you liked it, I would apperciate a thumbs up. Also if you want, subscribe to my channel for more videos on my car.

Chrysler Crossfire with no muffler (straight pipes)
this is another video of my crossfire. i just used another camera. my first video showes a drive by if you guys wanted to hear how that sounds.

Chrysler Crossfire Custom Cat-Back
CAR WAS SOLD AS OF 2/9/13 This is my 2005 6 speed Chrysler Crossfire. Has 50,000 miles on it and new custom cat back Exhaust. Increased from 2.25 inch to 2.5 piping from the first set of cats to the muffler. Flowmaster Super 44 Series Performance Muffler, 2.5 offset single in and 2.5 center single out. C6 Corvette Exhaust Tips

Crossfire magnaflow exhaust
Magnaflow Exhaust system for Chrysler Crossfire