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Ford Explorer i Jeep Cherokee na Torze Crossowym...
Tor cross Godzisz

92 explorer 4x4 off road (jump at end)
This a video of my brothers 92 4x4 explorer four wheeling in the hills of Vinton county Ohio. Hill climbs, mud holes and a jump at the end make up this video. 92 explorer = 4.0L auto 33 9.50s welded rear end and about 185,000 miles.The old explorer has been a great daily driver for a few years, but its time has come to hit the trail and so far has been a great trail rig. Hope to have many more videos of the old explorer on trail and having fun.The jump at the end is from a cell phone and has no sound sorry. In this video the explorer takes a dive in a mud hole and gets the engine wet. We dried it out and got it running again but take on some mud in the intake, an oil change and a new air filter and we are back on trail.Good fun in a old explorer.Update on this old explorer it has been used for parts and is now scrap metal. It was a lot of fun but was ready to go still ran and drove but need more work than it was worth these old explorer are great off-road rigs that can take a beating and live to tell about it. Hope to have other one some day love the ttb front end great for jumps. The ford explorer is a great all around rig it has pretty good power strong axles and is narrow so it can fit down the tight trails. But I like the gen 2 as well the ifs has not let me down yet and still goes down the road great after so rough off road action. The rack and pinon scars me a little but so far so good thinking about some 33s but the 31s are working out just fine and the 8.8 of course is a great rear axle and it welded and has not failed me yet son of a bitch there is a lot of space to fill here so please keep watching because I am trying really hard to make a new video every week and fill all this space in the description. So this video is getting old so just going to fill up the description and for get about it for a while hope every one enjoys the videos we work hard to make them but we also have a lot of fun doing so. Man there is still a lot of room left I just want to fill this. Watch clydedog72 for mud hills trail and broken stuff. May get different type of video like time lapse from time to time or an update with some tech stuff as well.Hope to gain more views and get more comments in the future, if anything could be better please let me know in the comments and I will do my best to make things better.This video was a very early time for clydedog72 now we have more cameras and more time wheeling and filming I think the videos are getting much better every week. Hope to bring new projects along as well keep watching and I will keep making shit happen. Wonder how much it matters to have all the description filled but I am going to do it one way or other big fun doing this big fun watching others videos as well. If you have any videos like mine I would like to see them and maybe even subscribe to you love watching you tube as much as making you tube videos. I would like to keep doing the off road thing for many years to come, have been wheeling since I was 11 years old, I lived on a farm with a lot of woods behind it and we would cut fire wood and have to four wheel our way out and it was a lot of fun I spent the next 7 years working just to four wheel worth every shitty work week and the equaly as shitty pay checks.Back then you could find a broken car or truck for 50 to 200 dollars and take what left to scrape for about 50 to 100 so lots of room for the small things. When I was 14 I got a moped and I would strap a 5 gallon gas can to the moped and ride it in to town for gas, That must have been a funny sight.But nothing was going to stop me from running the shit out of what ever turd I rolled in there with. We fixed just about every thing for broken frames to old motors that the pistons had rusted to the block. One of the best trucks we had at the farm was 79 ford 150 4x4 short bed 300 inline 6 and a four speed, running a tire called a buck shot , the old buck shots with a strange size of Q 78 about 35 1/ 2 by about 11.5. This was the the truck that towed out a lot to the junk out of the woods.We also used dads bobcat and he was not a big fan of this but we always got it back in one peace. Many years have gone by and many 4x4 have come and gone and I still cant get enough I still just want to hit some trails now I have a 2000 ford explorer with some 31 10.5s 4x4 and a toyota cabed mutt truck with some 36 12.5 tsl and my dad has a ploaris ranger 500 utv side by side and my good friend behind the camera we will keep going and keep wheeling as long as you all keep watching we would wheel any way just not film it. I would like to be more of a camera man form time to time I think its time for the camera man to get a 4x4 and let me do the filming while he drives I know at some point I will want to be back in the drivers seat again but even just for a little while I want to film. ....... .THANKS FOR WATCHING.....

off-road in a 2000 explorer
Watch me romp my mostly stock ford explorer around the hills of vinton county Ohio. 100 miles there romp though the woods and a 100 miles back. Watch as i get stuck pull trucks back to camp and do some winching. Three fun weekends in this video. My explorer is ...31 10.50 mix match bald mud/at tires 8000 pound winch stock 4.0 with a 5 speed trans. Gin 2 explorer off-road.Update on the blue explorer welded the rear end and got two good mud tires, so a still mix match tires but better than what is was. Big thanks for the camera man and any one who has held a camera for me to see much more of this explorer subscribe to me and see a new video every week of this explorer and other four wheel drive action Just some redneck hillbilly fun gettin dirty and lovin is Love to wheel, live for it The winch did take a shit on me but the rest of the rig is great and I love how no one expects this thing to do any thing but break and it just keeps on chuggin along hittin trails and wheeling all over the place. Every weeked I try to take this thing out and push it to its limts and every week I drive it home and get ready for the next trip to where the black top ends , shit there is a lot of room still left in the description some day I will fill them all. So this video was filmed though out the coarse of several week ends, there was a lot we did not get, this was the early days of clydedog72. Glad we got to learn quickly when I watch this I think we could have done better and the in the new videos they are a lot better but even they can and will be better. The story of the 2000 explorer started when my dad found a great deal on some thing he had not need for but had to buy any way. So at the time I had three junk cars that I needed to get rid of and we made a deal he got 2000$ and the junk cars and I got the explorer. For the first couple of years the explorer was my baby, nice and clean for the day I needed to drive around with any one else but me. After a few years of that it started to show some age, just a little rust so I bought a brand new car. The door was open it was time to wheel, so I found the cheapest set of 31s I could find slapped them on then dad showed up with a winch, bolted it on with some tow hooks and away we went with for the first time a camera in hand, the first time I had every had a camera and it was asome. After I got home form the first trip I knew that if we were going to keep filming we had to get better. So I bought a few more cameras and learned a lesson about cameras and good ones and the learning presses had begone. So when we weeded out the cameras it was time to get better shots witch meant stopping getting out and filming cert parts of the trail, this also meant holding up every one else you were with for the day.But after a few videos went up I could show them what we were doing and we got a lot of good help and feed back that way. Some of the better shots came form having some one ride in the side by side and film on the fly. This has been a great way of getting on top of great shots and keeping the pace up. Still I think we have much more to learn and cant wait to make better videos, and if any one has some suggestions leave them in the comments and I will see what I can do to make them better. The future of clydedog72 for now is more of the same with different rigs to show case and maybe this will be the hardest part of the the you tube game for us. Its hard to find that next bad rig that is going to be cool with you holding up the trail and filming every thing they do, but I think this will get better in time and more and more videos out I can show people what I do.Keep watching I will be bringing more and more off road, offroad tech and some time lapse videos will be up in the future. Hope every one likes and enjoys our videos and if you do please like them I do take pride in those things and love to hear what you all think of my videos. Up date on the 2000 explorer the rear end is now welded and transfer case is out of the 92 explorer in the other videos as well as the front drive shaft, got two almost new tires for the rear for cheap and have busted out all the head lights in the front and one tail light in the rear and the rear side glass. I am not afraid of a few dents and dings, but in the new videos at this time you will see my old project brought back to lift the toyota mutt truck this thing has seen a thought life and having it back makes me want more power out of that old turd bucket more 4x4 videos every week keep watching and see some crazy red neck hillbilly shit like time lapse videos fire wood videos.Wish I had stared making videos sooner would have a lot more stuff out there I have been doing this stuff for about 17 years and only have a few months on film, there was some good stuff back in the day but just got a computer and a camera........ THANKS FOR WATCHING.......

Taking the Explorer on a demo run

91 Ford Explorer 4x4 Hill Climb
Weak attempt to climb a steep slick hill with 91 Ford Explorer 4x4. All stock /w 32" TSL tires.

Ford Explorer VS Gorman offroad park
Some of the new obstacles in Gormans little "truck only" area.

Lifted ford explorer
1994 lifted ford exlporer, 5 inch rough country suspension, 32 inch tires, thrust glasspack

explorer swimming
explorerforum.com forum member driving - byrd91 http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=92122 part 2 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_Hnhdii85o

Ford Explorer trying to get outta snow
1992 Ford Explorer trying to get outta the snow

The Explorer Goes Off Road And Almost Flips

1992 Ford Explorer
walk-around of my 1992 Ford Explorer Sport 4.0L SOHC

1999 Ford explorer[snow]
driving my dads 1999 ford explorer drining off road and up hills in the snow snow day fun haha cold ford explorer 4.0 v6 intake!

1992 Ford Explorer Cold Start
1992 Ford Explorer with 147,000 miles still starts right up!!

Ford Explorer 4X4 Front Hub & Bearing Repair
In this video I go over replacing the front hub and bearing on the Ford Explorer line of vehicles from start to finish. This bearing is common for abs codes but more common for a grinding and or humming noise. Torque Specs- Hub and bearing 15mm bolts- 90ft lbs Caliper bracket- 125ft lbs Axle Nut- 185ft lbs Lug Nuts- 100ft lbs

Jacked Ford Explorer Attempting 4 Tires at SMORR
SMORR Missouri, Halloween 09

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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