Cocoliso Racing Vs El Humilde Dragmania

Cocoliso 7.00 @199 Dragmania 2011

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Drag mania Part 1 Orlando speedworld
Drag mania July 27-28 @ Orlando speed world

Final Modified El Humilde 6.974 @ 201.78 MPH Win VS Carlos Racing 7.16 @ 200 MPH

Pepe Loco vs El Humilde final 2012
Video courtesy of to share with the youtube world. The final to this day of racing couldn't have been any better. great day of racing, glad to have been a part of it. I'll be uploading my own personal videos of the event once I'm done editing, enjoy this great footage for now. Que Viva la fiebre Boricua!!!

El Humilde vs Carlos Racing "sobre 200mph"
El Humilde - 6.88 @ 204 MPH Win Carlos Racing - 7.02 @ 207 MPH